where is my reality?

feel so moon

So i just discovered this zine idea on tumblr and it sounds so great and amazing, and i’m so passionate about the topic too!! i can write or draw or both and i might try and be brave enough to see if i can be more a part of it, but even if not im going to submit! i’m going to do it! BE BRAVE

"You always wanted me to tell you about my day
so here goes:
This morning, I burned the toast
and then the eggs
but I ate them anyway.
If these are the motions,
I guess I’m going through them.
I managed to shower
(slowly, because I couldn’t
get my hands to stop shaking).
I’m sorry I don’t have anything
more compelling to say. I don’t
even know if you’re listening.
I am not suffering in a way
that makes a good story.
I wish I could make something up,
say that I did not think about you
in the middle of tying my shoes
and start to cry all over again, but
nonfiction doesn’t care about dramatic timing
or a neat little resolution; and I wonder
how missing you is supposed to teach me anything."

wesley king | I guess this is all I can do for you now

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the greatest (2009)


Why does it hurt so much?